Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Breeding Despair

So is being funny and smart the consolation prize for not being humpy?  Or is it the other way around?

Before you answer, think about this: who was more likely to have contributed to the gene pool:

Once again, harsh, evolution, harsh.

And where does that leave the denizens of Duck Dynasty?  You would think if fate had been cruel enough to abandon you in whatever trailer park they arose from, you would abstain from breeding, out of depression if nothing else.  But no, no.  Always, those we'd least like to see spawn feel free to fling their DNA around with merry insouciance.

Also, just a few short years ago, gay mens with babies were a big part of the landscape, but I just realized I don't see them as much.  Do you think they returned them?  Did they eat them?

I'm just being philosophical, I do that sometimes.  I might also be a teeny bit loaded.  I do that sometimes.


  1. Oh, I think there's a reason that smart and pretty, especially at the extreme of either, rarely coexist. Kind of like how Washington is Hollywood for the appearance-challenged.

    As for the gaybies, I think it's not so much that there are fewer, caro, but that the daddies have realized that your neighborhood is not exactly affordability central. They've all moved to Minneapolis and other places where an extra room for the kids doesn't require at least one of the couple to be a senior Vice President at Consolidated Business Corporation, Inc.

    1. I think Peenee's right - they returned them, once the cameras stopped flashing and the novelty wore off , and the realisation that not being able to pay a spontaneous visit to a salubrious night-spot for sixteen years was a prospect too much to bear... Jx

    2. I can just see the bored clerk at the Orphanistan Depot asking them for their receipt.

  2. Survival of the fittest at work I think.

    I'm sure my homely ancestors honed their skills by leveling snarky sarcasm till the saber toothed tigers gave up.

  3. When better to wax philosophic than when loaded?


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