Monday, August 6, 2007

In the training center, no one can hear you scream

OK, I’m back from the stupid, stupid training and O sweet jeezuz, was that bad.

Not only were the classes irrelevant, poorly presented, boring, and designed to draw out the surly personality I thought I had left behind in high school, but the facility itself turned out to be the real problem. Built somewhere in an odd 70’s period when right angles in architecture were considered passé, the whole damn place was some stupid 45 degree angle with no straight lines and the doors cleverly concealed in the most inconspicuous places. If you ever managed to break out to go from one building to another, you couldn’t then figure how to get back in. Conversations among my fellow students centered on how lost we constantly were. The building reminded me very much of some bad sci-fi movie with Adrienne Barbeau running around looking all busty and stuff.

I gotta go.

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