Monday, August 11, 2008

Wacky Workaday World

I believe I have mentioned one of my many, many jobs is organizing the training program here. In that capacity, I field calls from the public where all sorts of riff raff plead "Oh please, mrpeenee, please let me come teach a class for you." And then I say something like "Well that's a very interesting point," and pretend to listen to whatever it is they're saying while I'm really savoring the post over on Stirred Straight Up where tjb wrote a thrilling ode to Sam Elliot.

This morning, my first back in the office after the tribulations of going to Washington, I had some schmoe making his pitch when I heard a rather distinctive sound in the background. “Surely this guy is not pissing while he’s asking me to let him be a teacher here,” I thought. My charitable denial might have lasted longer if the even more distinctive sound of a toilet flushing hadn’t come though then.

Mr. schmoe will not be presenting a seminar at our agency.


  1. A seminar on what? I think there might be a lot to learn from a multitasker like him.

  2. Whenever I see guys on their cel phones in public restrooms, I always have to wonder: WHO are they talking to? Now I know: YOU, Peenee!

    I'm glad my Sam Elliot post helped get you through your workday.

  3. Damnit!! JASON took my 'multi-tasker' remark!

    Hope he washed up after THAT phone call.

  4. Hells no.

    BTW, how do men do piss & talk on the phone. Did he squat to pee?


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