Wednesday, August 13, 2008


As a worldly sophisticate, I certainly know there are somethings which are simply not understandable, which brings me to Sting. I have always been baffled by the number of people (usually Ladies of around my era) who swoon over him, thrilling to his sexiness. The hell? Scrawny with a mean little face and an expression that seems to imply he's not getting enough fiber in his diet, I just don't see it. Do you see it? I didn't think so. Surely it's not his voice. If your sound is such that every drunk frat boy in America can accurately imitate it, it would seem you'd need another line of work, but no, he's a Big Star.

Not Sting


  1. Yeah I never got Sting either I think it’s the bad boy thing. I’ve seen the Police and Sting separately just to round out my concert goings. I remember when he used to get into fistfights with the other members of the band…that had anger management all over it. Now he’s so healed, like Oprah or Madonna healed. It’s Trudy’s doings and yoga.

  2. Oh he's supposedly "sensitive" and with an unattractive wife, that's often catnip to female types.

  3. It's that accent. And probably a big cock. That would make me a wannabe 'Mrs. STING'...

  4. Well, something like thirty years ago when the Police first appeared, he was kind of toothsome in an all-too-soon-it-fades blond kind of way.

    And then it faded, but in the meantime I half believe that every woman in American remembers the spate of articles about ten years ago on how he'd become a devotee of tantric sex, and they're hoping to get themselves some.

    And Michael - there are photos out there - no such luck...

  5. I don't get it either; but I always found Billy Idol sorta humpy, so what do I know?


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