Sunday, August 10, 2008

A la jardin

This time of year is, in many ways, the high point for gardens in San Francisco. Here's some of my current greatest hits.Abutilon, flowering maple.

My well loved drag queen fuchsia. It's ancient and I think the flowers look like the earrings a particularly trashy drag queen would choose.

I love hydrangeas. This is one of ten I have in pots and scattered around the yard. The french name is Hortensia.

Carnations and zinnias, pink, pink, pink.

The brilliant blue of this delphinium resists being photographed. You'll just have to trust me.


  1. ::swoons::

    Doesn't make me want to garden, but it does make me want to be gardened for. Gorgeous.

  2. What a coincidence - my French name is Hortensia!

    What a small world.

  3. Even more ironically, my French name is "trashy drag queen"

  4. My French name is Delphinium, and my zinnia is pink, pink, pink.

  5. Lovely. All in your yard? Fabulous.


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