Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Name Game

I have no idea why this blog has suddenly swerved into Trannyland, but there you are. One possible reason: Project Runway's big night of the Drag Queen Zombies. In reading about it, I stumbled onto the Drag Queen Name Generator

My Drag Queen Name is Grace Monroe.
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Created with Rum and Monkey's Name Generator Generator.

I have to say, I was sorely disappointed in mine, "Grace Monroe." Am I missing a joke here? If so, feel free to explain it me. All I can picture with Grace Monroe is the heroine of some not-very-good chick lit effort about a divorcee with kids who finds True Love despite her weight issues. Let me tell you, that is not the drag image I'm looking for.

I'm sure everyone knows about the drag queen name game where you take the name of your first pet and add it to the street you grew up on and voila (or walla, as someone once wrote me in a very disturbing email) your new genderfuck nom. In my case, Duchess Bayshore. That's much more like it, stylish, glam, pearl-touching.


  1. Mine is only moderately more interesting, but probably accurate:

    Monica Tension

    That site looks like it's run by straight men. That ought to explain it all.

  2. we must be sisters! my name turned out to be monica monroe. which means that despite all efforts, i will eventually turn out to be my mother as her name is monica as well.
    if one's drag name is determined by the name of your first pet and the street you grew up on, my name would be maggie cygnet.
    but i'm not sure that name is any better.

  3. I see Monica as the prettier, possibly easier one, with Grace being bitter and having absolutley no luck with the mens.

  4. if that's true, then our names should really be switched as i am currently wallowing in spinsterhood.

  5. Still laughing here; via the generator, I'm "Devine Chan"! Or, via the usual pet/street, her nemesis, Lucky Valley. Ha!

  6. Lucky Valley is one of the greatest drag names ever. Congrats.

  7. Generated Name: Monica Intervention.

    Since there are already two Monicas here, I'll simply go by "Miss Intervention," and glide about the bar taking your cocktails -- as well as your tricks for the evening, based on the assumption that if you're lushes, you must be sex addicts, too. You can thank Miss Intervention later.

  8. You think you've got troubles? Meet Phoebe Monroe, the sister who ran away to the big city to find fame and fortune but whose utter lack of talent and common sense brought her only misery and bit parts.

    As for the pet/street combo, mine has always, to me, called to mind a second-string British sixties actress, the kind who might turn up as an exchange student in a bikini picture or in a totally inappropriate hairdo in a Hammer horror: Sandy Prescott.

    I'm deeply jealous of my pal Miss Rheba, whose pet/street drag name is Tiger Ash.

  9. Well I seem to have gotten one of the better ones, "Devine Chan" but my pet street name is "Sport Bristol" which works better for my porn name. Don't you think so Grace?

  10. "Devine Chan" conjures up (pour moi, anyway) rather bizarre images of Andy Devine and Warner Oland in drag.

    My pet/street combo is "Tiffany St. Andrews," which I'm assuming means that I'm a low-rent version of Barbra Stanwyck or Lana Turner during their noir periods.

    "Tiffany St. Andrews had more curves than Lombard Street, and was twice as dangerous. She liked cheap gin and fancy jewels, and wasn't fussy about the body count in getting them."

  11. Charlamaine Intervention here.
    But you can call me Charli.

    (Or by my pet/street name, "Patches Star.")

  12. I am so jealous: Phoebe, Tiffany and Divine. Urgh.

    jason must be right, no one but a straight boy would come up with these others. Plus, doesn't there seem to be a real paucity of imagination here? They could only scrape together three first names and two last names? I could do better than that in a coma.

  13. PATCHES STAR!?!?!?!?! It's like the gods were pointing you down the drag path.

  14. Miss J's is "Charmaine Tension". She feels a show coing on.

  15. Mine was "Pheobe Tension". Feh.

    And based on that older version of getting your drag name, mine would be "Tippy Northampton"! :)

  16. Orrico Intervention!? (That was using my "real" name.) Orrico Tension!? (That's using my blog name.) I much prefer the old-fashioned one: Corky West 'O'. (You know, as in West 'Oh' Street.)


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