Thursday, September 25, 2008

Bridezilla, the Gay Edition

Today's our wedding, hoo dee hoo hoo. It's a beautiful blue, warm day here, perfect for a trip to City Hall.

R Man and I will both be wearing suits, grey for him and black for me and I'll have on my favorite, most beautiful tie. Very respectable, very well put together.

As for the traditional rest, here's the rundown:
Something Old
After my mother died and I was back in Texas for the funeral aftermath (remind me to tell you all about how I missed my mother's funeral. Fascinating story) I went straight to her jewelry box and boosted the rhinestone necklace I was so fascinated with as a little girlyboy. It's very demure (for rhinestones;) just a single strand of stones, hardly bigger than a chocker. Since it's the oldest wearable thing I have, I'll wear it under my shirt and tie as a sentimental salute to my family. I'm not telling anyone else about it, just you and me, it's our little secret

Something New
A fresh bandaid for the place where Saki the cat bit me last night.

Something Borrowed
I never can keep track of those shirt stays that keep your collar stiff. Since I've lost all mine, I have to borrow some from R Man.

Something Blue
My lucky underwear. Duh.

And a sixpence for her shoe.
Who the hell has a sixpence? And who wants to try and walk around all day with a coin in your shoe? I shall substitute a Vicodan for my mouth. To swallow. I still have bronchitis, although much better, and a little chemical oomph can only help.

I gotta go, I'm getting married.


  1. Oh, boy. Here comes the waterworks. Miss J doesn't even have to be at a wedding to start weeping over it. With joy, of course. In her mind's eye she sees Mr. P and his R Man freshly scrubbed, gorgeously handsome, turned out in wedding suits walking up the steps to City Hall with that bright blue Clifornia sky as their backdrop. She wishes Mr. Peenee and his R Man happiness forever.

  2. You getting what I believe the young folks these days call "shout outs" all over the Interwebs! Much deserved. We'll have a special toast this evening at the Café (where we, too, are hosting a little tribute).


    Congrats boys!

    (I usually have a coupla pennies in my left shoe at any given time... When I find a penny I make a wish and put it in my shoe...
    don't ask me why, I'm overly superstitious and heard that's what you gotta do with them.)

    ANYHOO... Congrats again!

  4. you are gonna be high as a kite and hopped up on vicodin for your wedding? GENIUS!

  5. Congratulations to you both!!!!!!!!!!!!

    "Vicodin in little tulle bags might make a very nice favor, don't you think?"

  6. Congratulations, Mr. Peenee and R Man! I'm reading about you everywhere! You're bigger news than Clay. :)

  7. Congratulations! Brings a tear to my eye - I wish you many more years of happiness together :)

  8. YAY!!!!! YAY!!!! AND DOUBLE YAY!!!! I hope it's a lovely lovely day for you and your guy.

  9. As always, I'm a bit late. (But, of course, better late than pregnant!)

    I hope your day was as perfect as you deserved it to be! MWAH!

  10. Congratulations, and many happy returns of the day!! :)

  11. Long time reader of Fabulon and just had to pop over to send lots of heartfelt love to you and Mr R Man.I am glad that you boys can stop living like the little saucy harlots you bad kittens are and get to make your lovefest legal!!! I am just so happy for oyu both

  12. Congratuations! I am throwing rice scented with Gabor perfume!

  13. Donna Lethal wrote: "I am throwing rice scented with Gabor perfume!"

    You're hurling me at Mr. Peenee?

  14. Baskets of good wishes!

    :: tossing thongs ::


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