Monday, December 15, 2008

Freakgirl Kiva Team

Despite his tough-as-nails exterior, mrpeenee is actually quite sweet. He is fascinated with Kiva. Here's their blurb:
You can go to Kiva's website and lend to someone in the developing world who needs a loan for their business - like raising goats, selling vegetables at market or making bricks. Each loan has a picture of the entrepreneur, a description of their business and how they plan to use the loan so you know exactly how your money is being spent - and you get updates letting you know how the entrepreneur is going.

The best part is, when the entrepreneur pays back their loan you get your money back - and Kiva's loans are managed by microfinance institutions on the ground who have a lot of experience doing this, so you can trust that your money is being handled responsibly.

Part of the thrill, aside from the whole goat thing, is that I've joined the Kiva lending team:

Go Team Freakgirl! You should join too, cause Freakgirl likes cupcakes.

My latest loan was to Miriama TalavaluMy job as part of a federal agency that helps entrepreneurs has exposed me to many small business people, but never one who had her photo shot whilst chilling on the floor. I was immediately charmed and am now Miriama's biggest fan. Join now and pony up, it's cheaper than a night out with stripper boys and probably better for you.


  1. Thanks for joining the team and making your donations!

  2. I just made a loan to Consuelo, whose aim was to buy fruitcake, wine and champagne. My kind of girl!

  3. If it sounds too good...mmmaybe...
    Microcredit: “A political economy of shame”


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