Monday, July 20, 2009


Did I have some little stroke over the weekend and just not notice it? My typing, which is shaky at the best of times has degenerated into seemingly random keystrokes. For instance, I just wrote “typoivn” instead of “typing.” And for that matter, I just inserted an accidental return and wrote “insteaqqd”. I cannot type three words in a row without a mistake. Spell check is wonderful and I thank the goddess for it, but when one is displaying the typing skills of a retarded monkey, I’m not sure if even that can save me.

So today I have to proofread a medium sized publication, catch up on all the emails I missed on Friday and untangle the mess that is the October through December training room schedule, all without the control over my fingers’ motor skills.

Maybe I will just stare at houseboy pictures instead. I just typed “housebouy.” Typo or wishful thinking?


  1. Maybe you should get you mind off the housrueboyt and you will type better???
    God noe I am doingh it

  2. Are you drooling? That's always a stroke sign.

    Especially if the house boy has a firm grip.

  3. O honey, I've been drooling for years, strokes and houseboys not withstanding.

  4. huh? did you write something?

  5. I can't type & I'm dyslexic...
    a wynnign combonashun.

  6. "We're having a heatsroke! A tropical heatsrtroke!"

  7. I think you might have push botton-itis, Jane Jetson used to get it all the time. You need a helper monkey for pesky chores like typing and masturbation.


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