Wednesday, July 8, 2009


I had promised myself not to mention a thing about that Jackson person since there certainly seemed to be plenty everywhere else.

But then I ran across this notice from our computer guys:

"Shortly after noon EST today—Tuesday, July 7 2009—the capacity of SBA’s computing infrastructure was drastically reduced due to the overload of employee viewing of video footage related to the funeral of Michael Jackson. This overload compromised SBA’s ability to deliver business services to staff and citizens.
To alleviate this overload, OCIO has temporarily blocked video streaming. If you are using YouTube or other video streaming websites, you will be unable to view content for the duration of this business day.
Videostreaming access will resume on Wednesday, July 8 2009 accompanied by OCIO technical monitoring.
Thanks for your patience while we work to assure appropriate use of the SBA network infrastructure."

The federal government brouight low not by terrorists, but by pop fanatics. The mind reels.

To calm myself down, I had to go look at houseboy Gordea Zathustrus's nipples.


  1. Michael Jacskon's memorial was the most...........nipples...........what was I saying?

  2. Our tax dollars at work. Awesome!

  3. I think he's from heaven. He's also sometimes known as David Costa.

  4. He has 2 names? Must be a hard worker!


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