Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Jackass, Part Two

What is most remarkable is that queers everywhere were so incensed by whatshisname's interview, they were too distracted to comment on the fact his cover photo looks like he's wearing a kabuki mask composed of Estee Lauder Silly Putty. And you know, it takes a LOT to make us all overlook that.


  1. Oh, bitch, please! I'd fuck his pretty little botox/airbrushed face in a heartbeat! He may have incensed me, but I'd top him and breed him too.

  2. He does look really hot but a bit to feminine for me though. He's all yours.

  3. Thank you Rory. But I don't want him around. I merely want to breed the bitch.

  4. meanwhile i do not have the slightest idea who the gentleman in question is.

    i asked maria, but she does not know either although she made a remark on his huge forehead and the fact that she prefers men with big feet.

  5. Dear M. Fellini,
    You're not missing out on anything.



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