Wednesday, March 31, 2010

General Hospital

Yesterday was actually mrpeenee and R Man Gay Doctor Day. The 7:00 AM scheduled biopsy meant getting up before dawn. mrpeenee is not at his best before the goddam chickens have even arisen, nevertheless, we got there on time and settled in for a day filled with medical stuff. That's a technical term. Specifically, it comprised another cat scan, a biopsy, and not one, but two x-rays.

Each procedure went terribly smoothly, with long, very long gaps in between. We were there for seven hours. R Man was on a gurney the whole time, hopped up on surgical type drugs. Where, I wanted to ask, are mine, but the nurses were so incredibly sweet and competent I couldn't bring myself to give them any shit.

I had an excellent book for company and my on-going grudge against waiting room decorating to distract me. What is with them? A hospital seems like it would certainly know what is physically comfortable even if they don't have the design skills to say no to pastels and that weird Blandanavian style furniture that seems so omnipresent. But no, seats better suited to McDonald's with big fat depressed people spilling over the sides. I just stood out in the halls, reading.

Also, I noticed a complete dearth of cute guys. Hospitals are usually staffed with guys who look like some cross between soap opera stars and porn actors, but this time not a single bit of eye candy for distraction. I think word may have gotten out about me.

So anyway, we won't know anything about the biopsy result until next week. Stay tuned.


  1. For what it's worth, my thoughts are with you and I'm sending lots of love your way.

  2. Congratultions on both of you getting through the day. Time spent at a hospital on these things is never fun. Now the waiting...this drives me monkey ass insane. May you have peace during this process.

    That said, I will tell you that when Mr. Gallbladder and I parted company on February that Riverside Methodist Hospital had just opened its FABULOUS new surigcal waiting room. Lots of comfy chairs, plenty of work stations and plug ins for laptops. Of course, they would unveil it when it was me going under the knife. Still the hubby loved it - especially because it had lots of sound deadening.

    Anyhow. continued good vibes to you, RMan and your pussy. Hugs, Stu

  3. I'll keep you both in my thoughts and prayers, Hon. ((HUGS))

  4. Miss J is keeping good thoughts for R Man and his Mr. P.

  5. My fingers crossed.

    A hospital with no eyecandy is NOT therapeutic.
    Don't they know the value of a hot man? I know I've been healed more than once by the sight.

  6. How smart of you to bring a book. Something so simple probably would've never occured to me that early in the morning and I would have been relegated to pacing and reading old copies of "Highlights".

    Sending love, Soap Stars and Porn Actors.

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  8. What book had Mr. Peenee so mesmerized?

  9. Hospital time and airport time are a lot a like. Time seems to expand then fold in onto itself.

    Glad you made it through the day-waiting can be so exhausting.

    Hugs and air kisses all around.

  10. I'm thinking of you both and hope it all turns out smashingly well.

    Was 'R Man' on IV/liquid valium? THAT's the shit!

  11. I have had nothing but yummy male medical professionals since I embarked on my new adventure. Did you send them my way?


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