Thursday, March 18, 2010


Did you know Bryan Ferry (aka Gods Gift to My Ears) released an album in 2007 of covers of Bob Dylan songs? The things that go on when Im not paying attention. Having stumbled on that on Pandora radio, I wandered over to the Wikipedia article on Roxy Music and discovered a lot of cheap talk about the band reuniting for a new album. News that made me squeal and leave a tiny, tiny, hardly noticeable wet spot on my chair.

Then, farther down in the article Ferry casually denied that any such fabulosity was possible. From Wikiland: “However in November 2009 Ferry stated that there will be no new Roxy Music record:It was overly publicised, when Brian Eno and I went into the studio together, that we were re-forming. We worked together for a few days, weeks maybe, and I decided I didn’t really want to do a Roxy thing. It’s going to be a solo record. Brian plays on a couple of tracks though.

I don't think we'll record as Roxy again... But it would be great to do some more Roxy Music concerts, although I don't think Eno will be involved.

Why? Because he loves to break my heart. But I continue to love him anyway. Its the Judy Garland in me.


  1. The Dylan cover album is fine---Ferry wanted to get something out quickly while slaving over a more ambitious disc that has yet to be released or perhaps even finished---but it's not as great as Boys and Girls or Mamouna, my favorites of his solo albums.

    I saw him perform several years ago and he had almost the complete Roxy line-up there. It was great!

  2. It sounds like animosity toward Eno. Like two old lovers that can’t stand to be in the same room with one another but feed off each others energy...throwing the centerpiece across the dining table while guests look on horrified and amused at the same time.

  3. Bryan Ferry is such an old-school dreamboat!

  4. Honey, you know you shouldn't believe what you read in Wikipedia. I could have edited it. Or you could have. Or even . . . John.

  5. Bryan Ferry was one of the most imaginative lovers I ever had...& he is a snappy dresser.

    Remeber his album of covers-
    THESE FOOLISH THINGS? I find it to be very tasty.


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