Sunday, March 28, 2010

SF Sunday, Peenee Style

Thank you all so much for your responses about R Man's delicate condition. We don't know exactly what it is yet, but I'm sure it's delicate. Your thoughts, prayers, chants, snarks, are most appreciated. Truly. It's great to have friends who turn to so promptly, so yay for you guys.

In order to nurse the old thing along, we slept terribly late this morning (it was, as SecretAgentFred pointed out, "The second Saturday of the weekend.") and then repaired to Foreign Cinema for a late lunch. Deeeelish.
I wore my striped sockies for that Clown Foot effect because I am, you know, gay.
We had a tableful of cute guys next to us for conversational fodder. It's possible they were porn stars. If not, it certainly was a waste of good pussy.
And the backyard is in full, blasto bloom.

To reiterate: blue skies, shinin' above, etc., etc....


  1. Alcohol/lunching always seems to smooth over the cares of the day. Particularly when accompanied with eye-candy.

    Your backyard is frickin' awesome; I'm stuck here arranging a handful of silk flowers and thinking I'm all that and you've got the Babylon gardens outside your door!

  2. Do you have clown shoes to go with the clown socks?

    And a novelty water-squirting boutonnière?

  3. I got news for ya sister, your backyard is a whole lot gayer than you are!

  4. Oh I don't know about THAT, Felix.

  5. beauty beauty beauty! Now just what I'd do with those drinks, those boys, and those striped socks you don't need to know.

  6. What a lovely post. Wish I was there!!

  7. Miss J will keep R Man & Mr. P in her prayers.

    She had those socks- they were toe socks... now she wonders if she is gay, too.


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