Monday, December 20, 2010

The Gayest Two Minutes and Fifty Seconds in History


  1. I think I turned gay just watching that.

  2. You are correct... I think that is about as GAY as it gets! I am busy trying to think of something that can trump you.

  3. Those were the days, now you just can hope an independed company would make a movie like that.

    BTW, it shows our age.

  4. That's gay!
    Blah, blah an such, but Filepe is a friendly acquaintance of mine & haunts my neighborhood often.
    I was planning a post, but I haven't seen him for awhile.

  5. Its not only gay, but tres gay.

    And remember how cfute Bruce Jenner was before he had his nose shaved and sharpened?

    Make me wondwer if the Kardashien family has done a movie night with this film?

  6. Ah yes, a movie from a simpler time when people were nicer and kinder to each other....and we all thought pot would be legalized by now! Tres gay, m'kay?!

  7. As the Christmas drinking will soon commence at Infomaniac headquarters, I'm stopping by now while I'm sober to wish you a Happy Non-Denominational Mid-Winter Festival.


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