Thursday, December 9, 2010

File Under "What?"

Sometimes I get Joan Jett

and Pat Benatar confused,

I know, it's very odd. I'm not ashamed of this; there are plenty of things in my life much worse and which I am not sharing today, thanks. I blame the drugs. Whether they were mine or Pat and Joan's, I can't tell.

Also, why do I have such a hard time getting YouTube videos on here? Huh? So, go here
to see a video that is both amusing and has a terribly cute humpy guy.


  1. you are a god...
    & one well built young dark-haired italian boy is very much like the other.... we all confuse them...we just don't admit to it out loud, in public.
    & how many loads have you taken tonight?

  2. I used to confuse Kirk Douglas with Burt Lancaster.

    *waits for someone to admit confusing The Gabor Sisters*

  3. Oh, you mean that *wasn't* Joan Jett in the video?

  4. Oh, dear. Mr. P. Miss J hates to break it to you, but now you may also confuse her with these two bitches. Last Saturday she told her hairstylist Miss Rachel, "This hair is a bit too girl-next-door. Can't we do something a little more Joan Jett?" And so it is done.

    To add to the confusion, one of Miss J's Best Gay Boyfriends said, "Love it. Very Suzy Quattro."

    Pic to follow at some point.


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