Tuesday, March 22, 2011


The internet: a sea of information and entertainment at my fingertips and I spend the last two weeks obsessively working my way through Netflix's backlog of stupid science fiction. Oddly, there seems to be only one plot available to all these shows: a rift in the space/time fabric allows Bad Things to come though and menace earth. "Bad Things" is a technical term. Here's my report as well as I can remember it.

Primeval. Doctor Who. Torchwood. ("Torchwood" is an anagram of "Doctor Who," the nerdly kind of thing that appeals to me.) In order they were: grim and stupid; whimiscal and stupid; and gay and stupid. Torchwood, gay science fiction! Hooray! They killed off the boyfriend of the excessively pretty hero and anyway, it was stupid. Not hooray! Kind of un-hooray!

Plus, let me just mention, if there is a rift in the space/time blahblahblah I would much prefer to have armies of seriously mean guys going up against the Bad Things rather than some tiny random gang of BBC nerds, even if they do have such thick Manchester accents no one can understand them. That's just how I roll.

But I also stumbled across Pushing Daisies which was not stupid and was charming and funny and cool and great visuals and Swoosie Kurtz and Kristin Chenoweth, who were both fantastic, and the very attractive Lee Pace in the lead.
Of course, it was canceled by ABC after two short seasons, probably to make room for Sarah Palin's Monster Truck Rally or something.

So now I've reeled back down off the Netflix binge. Much like eating a whole box of Girl Scout cookies at one sitting, about half-way through, you think "This is probably a bad idea." And then when you finish, you realize you were right, but that doesn't help, particularly.

Also, speaking of science fiction, here's my new parallel universe boyfriend.
I call him Spunk Nozzle.


  1. I forgot all about Pushing Daisies! Guess I was busy pushing other things...

  2. ... Spunk Nozzle, AKA Toy Story lll ?

  3. I have the Pushing Daisies set on DVD and was attracted to the show by the visuals.

    As for Doctor Who, how can you take issue with a time-travelling TARDIS?

  4. I have to disagree with your review of Doctor Who as well! Which episodes were you watching?

  5. Spunk Nozzle? Isn't that Sarah Palin's grandson's name?

  6. I never knew Torchwood was an anagram for Doctor Who!!!! I am ashamed. But was a big fan of Pushing Daisies, during its brief life. Quirky, charming, and visually fabulous.

  7. MJ and Hanuman, hons,
    I was watching Doctors 8 and 9 respectively. I think the problem was Doctor Who overload, not anything particular to the respected Doctor.

  8. My 14 year old daughter is working her way through Netflix sassy strong female character TV shows. So, of course, I must "supervise" to make sure all content is appropriate. Really, I'm just enjoying the hell out of Veronica Mars. Plus, David Tennant makes me drool, in the good way.


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