Friday, March 25, 2011

The Spa Life, or Gravity Wins

I decided to celebrate my escape from civil service servitude with an afternoon at Kabuki Spa. It's been cold and rainy here; a spell in the steam room seemed immensely appealing. Turns out many of the patrons were, too.

Considering how firmly the management frowns on sexual shenanigans at the spa, there certainly were a lot of stiffy and semi-stiffy bits on parade. Of course, mrpeenee averted my eyes, but even if you don't look, you can't help but see.

Especially notable were two smallish, but well-built boys complete with charming treasure trails and the cutest, roundest, perky little bottoms ever. In a word, spankable. Every time they would enter the steam room. you could sense every geezer antennae spring into action. Beepbeepbeepbeep. Of course the boys were resolutely oblivious. That is their role in life.

And I speak from deep within the geezer camp. Life happens. You start out all skinny and smooth and stuff and one day you look down and realize you have a paunch. The fuck? Threeway mirrors become the enemy when you see your ass has started to sag. "I didn't even have an ass," you think. "How is this possible?" I'll tell you how - gravity wins. Gravity always wins.

Still it was a lovely day at the spa.

Also, I spent hours tonight looking for a photo illustrating "treasure trail" with no luck. Again, the fuck? This is the closest I came, the always estimable Mike Timber and his fairly faint trail.
I blame manscaping.


  1. Honestly....
    What bitch told him that "this is the way to go'?

  2. Treasure trails... "Manscaped" to within an inch of their lives these days.

    What has happened to all the furry men? I don't wish to look like I'm pre pubescent in my fourties. Call me an old fashioned gurl...

  3. Mmm...spankable bottoms...treasure trails...threeways...I mean threeway mirrors. No, I don't.

  4. Albeit a manscapped treasure trail but a treasure trail nonetheless

    An example of the rare, Ginger spice trade route.

  5. Excellent work, both of you. Trailblazers, we salute you.

  6. I am so pleased with the hard work of you and your dedicated readers for the right and proper public edification.

    Bravo! Brava!

  7. That settles it! Gravity's not gonna get me! I'm going to sleep with my feet in the air and my head down on the floor!!

    oh. Never mind.

  8. this story gave me a flashback. i'm
    on the phone to my therapist as i type.

  9. Do I hear an amen? I'm right behind you sister, right behind.

  10. Nice work Princess and AyeM8y.

    Peenee, I like your new header pic.

  11. There are several recent photos of Zac Efron with a classic Treasure Trail.


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