Monday, September 12, 2011

peenee Paint

In February, right after R Man died, I tackled painting the room upstairs we use as an office. I realize now it was grief triggered madness since I am, bar none, the worse painter in the world and should never be allowed near a brush that is not related to what little hair I have left. I understand this, and yet, this afternoon found me once again slinging latex and taking names. And not even a different room, but the same one I painted seven months ago.

Why? Well, yes, madness is repeating the same actions and expecting a different outcome, but besides that, it was the curtains. Earlier this year, I had some ravishing scarlet silk curtains made for our dining room. They're ravishing. People come over, see them and announce "I am ravished." Ravishing. But then I found an equally beautiful, dark magenta rug. Tragically, just like the tired old joke says, the rug and curtains did not match. Often I would come home to a strained, sullen silence in the dining room that let me know they had been squabbling again. I got new curtains last week, not as ravishing, but quite charming and capable of living with the rug.

I offered the scarlet curtains to Secret Agent Fred and as I was loading them into the car to take them over there, I was trying hard not to feel deprived. Fred is a good friend and deserved them, they'd be going to a good home and blahblahblah, but they're so pretty, it was hard to let go. Remember, ravishing? So when they turned out not to fit his windows., well, let's just say I was not conflicted about bringing them back.

What could I do? Giving them away was obviously going to bring on some kind of designer homo breakdown, but the only room that didn't already have curtains was the office. The lavender office. Lavender and scarlet. So very much not feeling the love there. Okay. Okay. Goodbye lavender, hello charcoal. Goodbye also to my vow to never, ever paint again.

Still, I've finished the first coat without killing myself , I should grind out the second one tomorrow morning in time for my chiropractor appointment in the afternoon (which I'll need,) and by this time on Thursday, I'll be al through. And I will never, ever, ever paint again. As god is my witness.


  1. It's nice to see curtains go to a good home.....or a new charcoal room.

  2. Lavender and Scarlet? Sweetie, that combo made your office a version of the Red Hat Society Club Room.

    Now I feel like we're sisters - I have scarlet in my office, but the walls are an old Benjamin More color called "Paper Bag" which is the color of an old fashioned paper bag.

  3. Red hat...yikes
    oh my...well, cookie just killed that color combination forever, didn't he?

    Too bad you just didn't have all the reds clashing together, to paraphrase DV, like "a garden in hell."

  4. Well, A. No wonder you've been MIA. And 2. I can't wait to see the combo: grey (oh, charcoal, whatever)and scarlet sound divine.

  5. i've always thought of lavender as a phase.

  6. I'm trying to see what porn is on your computer screen.

  7. Mr. P's painting table suspiciously like a mattress.


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