Monday, September 26, 2011

Out of Season

Imagine my thrill when stumbling around the patio earlier this week I ran across this stunner. It's a bearded iris I bought at the half price nursery a couple of months ago. Since it wasn't blooming then I had no idea what color it might wind up, but I love irises, so I put it over in the "What the Hell?" column and was prepared to wait and see.

My thrill came from the fact irises typically bloom in the spring. For those of you not paying attention, this is, in fact, autumn, so having a gigantamundo splash of say-something purple was okay with me. Also, it's about the size of Godzilla. If this is yet another effect of global warming, it's hard to complain.


  1. That's Beautiful Peenee.
    It's spring here now and I'm still waiting for the Iris flowers. They are on their way but none are open yet...
    Great colour...

  2. The blooming is zany this year. hydrangea that never bloomed, magnolias blooming in September.
    The end must be near.

  3. A bearded iris?

    I have a lovely bearded clam.

  4. Careful it isn't a little something from the Little Shop Of Horrors!

  5. Iris are lovely, as is this. And the extra added benefit of getting a bloom in now is nice. Let us know if it blooms come the spring!

  6. It is so lovely, but is the wolfsbane in bloom yet?

  7. Fine. It waited until I left; it's getting a strict talking-to in November. And it's GORGEOUS btw.

  8. Probably the half price nursery hadn't planted it or given it enough water to do anything in March, April or May, so the plant just thought that this winter was an extra-long one. It's just having spring late. My bet is that is will return to "normalcy" next year.


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