Friday, September 2, 2011

Stripper Joe

You know how deeply I lust after the enormous hunk o' beef, Joe Manganiello, from True Blood. I have even taught myself to spell his name correctly, the better to write "Mrs. Joe Manganiello" on my notebook should I ever find myself trapped in homeroom again.

Word now reaches us he will be participating in the biopic of Channing Tatum, aka Mr. Potato Head, specifically on that sleazy portion of Mr. Channing's life when he was a stripper. I had to make a short sidetrip through Wikipedia to find out who this Channing creature is; turns out he ground out some G.I. Joe movie. But wasn't that Demi Moore before she got her Showgirl tits? I'm confused.

Not so confused that I'm not already salivating at the idea of seeing Joe peel down to a tiny little thong. Yay babay.


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