Friday, July 6, 2012

Something Wrong with Strippin'?

Magic Mike.  Hmmm.  Put me down as a firm "It wasn't awful."  Nobody embarrassed themselves. Tatum Channing was sort of adorable.  I had assumed the music would be pretty rockin', rocktastic, in fact, but no such luck.  It's Raining Men is the only thing I can remember and that's not much of a highlight.  Tampa looked like Tampa; make of that what you will.

And the stripping?  Considering the quality of meat they had to work with, especially considering that, it was amazingly dull.
I think you need to approach the fleshy arts with a certain amount of lechery to have them work and that was missing here.  The filmmakers might not have been actually embarrassed by it all, but they certainly didn't seem to relish the sight of Matt Bomer in a thong, either.
They seemed sort of resigned, let's-just-get-this-unfortunate-business-out-of-the-way-shall-we?

When Joe Manganiello hits the stage after working up with a vacuum cock pump, I want to not only see the results, I want to linger on them.  Instead, we get a fireman costume that would have passed muster on the Disney channel.

To put this in perspective, Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter was showing at the same theater and as we left, I wished we had gone to see that instead.  How's that for a review?


  1. Somehow, I might have guessed this film would disappoint... Jx

  2. Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter?

    Being Canadians, this was something that was overlooked in our class on American history.

  3. "they certainly didn't seem to relish the sight of Matt Bomer in a thong, either."


    Bomer in a thong?
    Boner in a thong.

  4. Looks like the only queen on stage has been outed! He's the one folding his shirt after taking it of.... Right?

  5. well, the best we can hope for, I guess, are the inevitable porn knockoffs.
    Except for that Magic Dyke one, that is.

  6. I'm still astounded this was directed by Stephen Soderberg. That should explain the lack of porn element; it's an *intellectual* strip film.

    1. And I'm sure I misspelled his name but I'm too lazy to look it up. I'm in Texas and it's hot, dammit.

  7. Hmmm. . .sounds like I'll pass on this one until it hits the $4.99 or less DVD bin. . .or shows up on basic cable.

    It's too bad. I had hopes for this one. Hopes that it would have as enjoyable a story as "The Full Monty" and lots of the full monty itself.

  8. Fortunately, there's plenty of gay porn on the internet, and I don't have to watch it in a room full of other people.

  9. We're waiting until this hits Lifetime.

  10. I wouldn't know...
    I never had to sweat to get paid...


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