Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Dog Days

Of course, we San Franciscans are terribly spoiled; lots of beautiful views, nice weather, good food and cute boys will do that to you. So when anything comes along to upset that, we tend to whine and sulk. The whine and sulk level is pretty high these days. Wildfires north and east of here have been spitting smoke all over the Bay Area since last weekend and every day it's a little worse. The light has an odd harsh yellow quality about it, the sky is a dirty pale gray and today you can definitely smell the wood smoke. It makes your throat sore just looking out the window. You don't need to point out things could be worse, earthquakes in China, floods in the midwest, Cher in Las Vegas - I got it. I'm just contributing my own little bit to the local Whine and Sulk Festival.


  1. I always figured that if I lived there I wouldn't be able to afford whining.

    Mmmmm, Cher in Las Vegas. I can understand where she's not for everyone, but I've always been a big fan of CGI.

  2. Wildfires?
    I think it's Cher you're smelling.
    That odd yellow quality air is a bit of her "soft focus" gas let loose.

  3. The Whine & Sulk Fest... Miss Janey is acquainted with the fest circuit. Perhaps she'll check out this one for kicks.


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