Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Wedding Belles

The San Francisco Chronicle's website www.sfgate.com is filled today with dozens and dozens of pictures of the gays getting married. It's thrilling and touching to see them all, everybody is so happy. But in the middle of all the heart-tugging cuddliness, this is my favorite picture, it seems to truly embody real marriage. Two guys getting ready for their trip down the aisle and you just know the queen on the left is saying "NO I DON"T KNOW WHERE YOUR PHONE IS. Why do you always lose it? Did you look in your brown jacket? Maybe it's in the kitchen. Are we going to be late AGAIN?" Ain't love grand?


  1. I saw another picture of these same two at the ceremony. It made me tear up. . . . they looked so happy. Obviously, they found the phone in their car.

  2. The truth is there is very little "happyily-ever-after" in marriage or in life. That is not to say that Miss J doesn't believe in marriage- she very much does. But lots and lots of being married really is one partner misplacing the phone while the other helps look for it. And there's why we marry- two people looking is better than one.

  3. ronda
    You're supposed to be saving your teary eyes for me, you tramp.

    miss janey
    Truer words have never been typed.

  4. Oh trust me, I promise to weep on the tamales!


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