Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Two grooms walk into a bar....

It may be dull reading over and over about gay marriage if you're not here in California, but for me it's thrilling. Something I had long grown accustomed to thinking would never happen has flipped over into reality. Plus, suddenly it's everywhere here. On Saturday we saw two big guys in matching formal kilts walking down 18th street in the Castro; two girls giggling down Market Street carrying a big (we assumed) wedding cake in a box, our waiter at lunch today told us all about his wedding last week in City Hall. And now we're planning ours. Woo hoo! As I told Diane von Austinburg, all I've gotten down so far is that we'll have a tamales, but what else is there? Her response? Cake.

O yeah.


  1. Maybe a tamale cake?
    Or something more traditional?

    Perhaps you could pull out the tried and true traditional pinning-dollars-on-the-bride's-gown that we Cajuns do at our classier weddings.
    Think of it, double the money!

  2. You're a genius. Of course, you live across the street from alligators, but still....

  3. I hope it's going to be a lovely real cake, not one of those shiny fondant horrors that taste like paste and sawdust. Butter cream all the way!

  4. MIss Janey was thrilled that last Tuesday, a man was visiting her office from San Francisco. He asked if she had the LA Times handy. "Why yes I do!" She proudly displayed the front page where there was a picture of two men marrying. "I love this!" she said. The man smiled."Exactly what I was looking for."
    She would have never thought in her conservative little office to have someone as happy as she was to read all the Gay Marriage Stories. But he read the section cover to cover.

    Happy planning, Mr. Peenee. Try not be a Bridezilla, won't you? (And if you ARE one, please post your evil-doings on your blog, won't you?)


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