Thursday, June 26, 2008

File under "Hmmm."

So I was looking up Jeff Chandler (why not?) which, of course, made me think of Esther Williams ("Jeff, you're too big for polka dots." look it up.) and in stalking her briefly I ran across this amazing blurb from her autobiography:

"Cary and I had known each other for years, having spent time together at many parties and public events, although we never had been close friends. But movie stars all belong to a sort of secret society; we share a special understanding of the burdens and comforts of celebrity. There is a shorthand we can use when we meet, and we empathize in ways other people cannot comprehend if they haven't stood in the spotlight. He came to the telephone immediately when I gave my name to his secretary. When I said, "Cary, I've got to see you right away about something," he invited me to come to his office at Universal the next morning.

"Cary, I'm at the end of my rope," I told him the following day. "I'm deeply troubled about my life, and when I read what you said about how LSD had changed your life, I wondered if it might help me."

"Esther, it takes a lot of courage to take this drug," he warned me. "You may not want to do it when I tell you what it's like, because it's a tremendous jolt to your mind, to your ego. Some people don't react well to it at all."

"But it was so successful with you."

"Yes it was," he admitted, with a flash of his glittering "Cary Grant" smile. "But it's only being used on an experimental basis. You'd have to be as desperate as I was to try it."

I smiled back my own "Esther Williams" smile. "But I am as desperate, Cary," I said as calmly as I could. "I need to find some answers, fast. Would you call your doctor and make an appointment for me?".."

Esther Williams, tripping. Hmmm.


  1. 1. I don't even have to look it up. How gay is that?

    2.She's something. My mother's favorite movie star actually. Odd. this just another very surreptitious Lorenzo Lamas post?

  2. O christ honey, never mention the L word here again. I still get weird spammy email about him from some Yahoo group from the last time I posted about him.

    And it's pretty gay.


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