Thursday, June 19, 2008

Houseboy "for Rent"

Honestly, I cannot turn my back on you bitches. Apparently, Someone tricked poor little houseboy Gustavus Albrechtus into wearing this perfectly appalling tee shirt by convincing him it was a tribute to the Broadway show. And you wouldn't believe how much trouble I had getting him to put his pants back on. Honestly.


  1. Caro - it happens all over the world (to steal a line from Miss Mabel Mercer)...

    Honestly I swear true story: we were walking down the street here in Cairo yesterday, and headed toward us were three people: two very solemn older gentleman in traditional Egyptian dress, and in between them, clearly a nephew or son, in the regulation wear of Egyptian youth: jeans and T-shirt.

    In this case, though, and I can only assume that neither he nor his elders read English, the T-shirt read: "HANG OUT/WITH YOUR WANG OUT!"

    He was cute enough that my first thought was "if only!"

  2. Who stole his black lace panties?

  3. J
    I never discuss commercial activities. I am a Lady.

    I'm sure they were all grateful after you explained the subtleties of the message.

    Miss J
    Just how did you know about said black lace panties? Huh?

  4. I'm just grateful that you didn't see the "For Sale" t-shirt that I made Helmuth Plessner Constantus wear...


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