Friday, June 13, 2008

Houseboy Crunk

Oh, these kids today. Houseboy Helmuth Plessner Constantus has announced he would prefer to be known by his new name "Rappin' Robbie, the Beatbox wit de Beatin' Box." Whatever. I liked it better when he wanted us to call him Bunnie, but I knew that wouldn't last. Plus I think I may have hurt his feelings when I pointed out people who are whiter than Olive Oyl are just asking for grief when they chose rap as their art form. Anyway, I suppose this portends another round of spoken word performances in the dorm. Oh, well.


  1. Mr. Peenee, Your Houseboys are the most uppity evah! Spank him on his round rump and show him who can rap and who can't.

  2. Oh Miss Janey, life without drugs seems to be agreeing with you.

  3. Helmuth honey, don't speak. Don't ruin the magic.


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