Sunday, June 8, 2008

Sunday, June 8 to do

I find making to do lists after the fact much more effective. That way, you don't have to list all those things you didn't get around to doing. Life is hard enough without some stupid list badgering you with high-minded, but uncompleted tasks. Here's today's:

1. Wake up
2. Remember it’s Sunday
3. Go back to sleep
4. Repeat 1,2 and 3 until 10ish
5. Get up
6. Play with cat
7. Discuss life with boyfriend
8. Decide where to go to brunch
9. Ablutions
10. Dash off to Zuni Café
• Delicious Latte
• Delicious scone
• Delicious tarragon eggs
• Delicious apricot tart
11. Taste boyfriend’s entrée, smugly decide yours is better
12. Go to Costco, hope earthquake doesn’t hit, burying you beneath a mountain of toilet paper
13. Go to lesbian-centic, coopertive owned, vegetarian grocery for communist food. Very San Francisco.
14. Return home
15. Play with cat, part two
16. Nap
17. Complain bitterly about how short the weekend is
18. Dinner, communist vegetables.


  1. We don't have communist vegetables here, only Feudalistic and a few Fascist.
    The Feudal ones taste the best.


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