Friday, April 3, 2009

Bon anniversaire

The ever charming Donna Lethal has sent us a Happy Birthday greeting on the wall of our Facebook page (a sidenote: I have no idea what Facebook is or does. I signed up for it and now it keeps bothering me.) Thank you Mme. Lethal

Yes, it's true, mrpeenee's birthday is Sunday, April 5. Yay. I will be 54 years old. Actually, I can now leave out the exact number of years and simply render that statement as "I will be old." Do I care? No. Honest, I don't. Many, many of the friends I started out with are not here now. Dead, doncha know. Since this is the only alternative, I'll take it.

To celebrate, I have a shiatsu massage lined up for Saturday night. The evidence that I'm old is not that I will not be chasing boy butt on that night, but that I am looking forward to having some guy poke his elbow into the knot between my shoulder blades MORE than I would any boy butt I can think of, even the one in the post below. Sort of.

For my birthday itself, R man, Urban Pirate and I are planning a luncheon blowout of hotdogs with chili. Since his heart surgery a year and a half ago (how time flies when you're not dead) R Man and I have been very virtuous about avoiding fat, so no hot dogs except for special occasions. We'll also go out for Thai food that night. I assume I will spend April 6 burping, but it will be worth it.


  1. Oh, Mr. P...You know you always have very best thoughts, wishes, and houseboys. I love you!!!

  2. P.S.

    You should do your Facebook more often!

  3. my sister's bday is on the 5th, too.

    i know that doesn't really impact your life in any way.

    that's all.

  4. LOL!
    Happy early birthday! Here's to the houseboys pitching in and ... giving you a good pitch!

  5. "Hot dogs"? is that like
    a euphemism or something?

    (I hesitate to think what the "chili" is however...or the Thai food.)

    But anyway....happy happy early birthday!

  6. yeah jason, i also believe THAI FOOD involved a flowery, wispy asian boy in a sarong and a private tea ceremony

    which is fine.

    have a faboo berfday weekend

  7. Hot dogs, chili, and Thai food? Blow out, indeed. Turn your fans up to HIGH, missy.

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Much love from TJB!

  8. Joe -- THAT is a private arrangement between myself and Peenee, sank you velly much.

  9. I'm envious of all your birthday plans, but none more so than the hotdogs, alas unobtainable in these parts (unless you count chicken franks, which are fine in their own way, but really...).

    As for the after-effects - since Mr. Muscato and I had Indian last night and this is all very fresh, as it were, in my mind: all I can say is that to combine two such meals, the two of you are either very, very brave, very, very fetishy, or have two very, very separate villas to which to repair afterward...

  10. I commiserate with you on having out lived my friends and contemporaries and well just my plain usefulness. Happy Birthday Mr. Peenee...Happy Birthday to you and many (54) more. It would serve us both to live to be 100+ begging the question of why? Here’s a thought next year you should send your picture in to Willard Scott claiming to be 100 and then marvel at how youthful you look next to the other participants.

  11. May I pin you down while the others give you a good spanking?

  12. Early Happy Birthday wishes too!!!

  13. love me some thai food!fucket noodles and pad prick! oops,wrong spelling... keep the tums handy. happy birthday!!!if its any consolation,i'm older than you.barely...

  14. Happy Birthday and Happy Burpday!


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