Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The Girls and Their Friends

That sharp-eyed, clever minx Muscato points out in the photo in our Big Blog post below that the Lady on the left seems to be wearing some very odd strap architecture to help deal with (one supposes) her massive mamms. One does wonder, just what is going on in there? Well, at least if one is prone to horrified fascination, one does. Is that a ... harness? I understand brassieres are themselves harness underwear thingies, but this seems more like something that would show up on an elderly leather fetishist at Folsom Street Fair, not that you would want to see it.

I need to stop worrying about this and move on. This is all the fault of The Lisp, whom I still think of Shirley, despite his shrill, goatlike protests.


  1. My breasts are supported by a complex series of pulleys and flying buttresses.

  2. shrill? goatlike?


  3. Darling, you know I meant it in a loving way.

  4. ...as only you can! LOL!


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