Monday, April 13, 2009


You know how you'll be hanging around with your chums and someone will say "Is (fill in the blank) still alive?" Jane Russel, fer instance. And then you'll have to go Google it and you find out how very many odd movies Jane Russel was in.

Very much like that, I've found, is the Phil Spector trial. Someone will ask "Did they ever convict him?" and then someone else will say "Is Phil Spector still alive?" and then someone will say "Is Jane Russell still alive?" The answer to the first question has finally arrived at "Yes. They did. Second degree murder."

I think this trial has hovered around the edge of my brain because it a) reminds me how much I adore the Wall O'Sound, b) it seemed to drag on a terribly long time without actually doing anything, and c)it provided a chance to appreciate how bizarre Mr. Spector looks.This is from today and is an improvement, early in the trial he really looked like an alien. An alien who wanted to eat your brain with a girl group soundtrack.


  1. This all just makes me want to drink more. And so I do.

  2. Anyone who can help create such masterpieces as "Be My Baby" and "Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)" is touched by genius AND madness. Sad.

  3. Any man who could lock up Ronnie Spector and live to tell the tale is a force to be reckoned with.

  4. Miss J would be afraid to be alone with him given his fondness for pulling guns on women and threatening to kill them. And then finally succeeding.

    Perhaps tonight, he'll be someone's baby in the Big House.

  5. Just wait until you see the prison mugshot WITHOUT his wig and makeup. I am sure the Globe will be broadcasting a photo soon...


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