Monday, April 6, 2009

Partners in Poo

I was going to put up a post about the importance in long time companionship of partners being willing to listen to each other’s news bulletins about their bowel movements, but I just can’t. Recent semi-frank conversations with other old couples secure in their partnerships reveal that this is truly the underlying key to a life lived together in harmony: poop chats. For those of you out there whining about being single, you might want to bear that in mind. You get hooked up and suddenly euphemistic heavy conversations seem to be part of the territory.

I just thought I’d warn you.


  1. but i talk poo on first dates....whats that say about my prospects?

  2. I suppose it depends on your definition of "dates".

  3. does that mean I should stop saying "Well, time to go drop the kids off at the pool!" ?

  4. Oy, sister - you've got this one right. And you've got the whole issue of remembering what is and isn't fit for conversations in public places. A recent disquisition on "who's gassier: you or the dog" for some reason raised eyebrows at our local Starbucks, for example.

  5. True. But I'm someone who hid bodily functions for a full two years in my former partnership.

    I met a lot of nice people at the nearby gas station though.

  6. Ray Ray
    We use " A big boat coming down the river" but then, we're from New Orleans.

    Ms Muscato
    So who IS gassier?

    Michael Guy
    Isn't meeting Nice People at the gas station how you start your relationship?

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  8. Is this type of chatter between Gays allowed in California? Or just Iowa?


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