Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Opinions in San Francisco vary about whether Frank Chu is a performance artist or a lunatic. Whatever else he is, Chu is a constant presence on the streets around my office, in the very heart of the most respectable, businesslike part of town, in fact, you can see my office in the shot below. He appears daily carrying a protest sign that varies content, but usually says something like:


This example, by the way, surfaced years after Clinton was out of office. For that matter, Chu has occasionally demanded the impeachment of Alexander Hamilton. Hamilton, for those who may have been napping during that particular day in American History, is, technically, dead, therefore his danger of being impeached seems slim, but you never know.

Omnegron is one of the words Chu either just makes up or are whispered to him by aliens.

Anyway, now someone has put up a website where you can create your very own Chu sign. Sign by ACME ChuMaker.
I do so love San Francisco.


  1. Cute

    but shouldn't that bottom sign read

    "...for nobody but Chu"?

  2. I THOUGHT OF THAT! You're in my brain. I found, though, I just couldn't go there.

  3. I love lunacy that evolves into art.

    Which reminds me: it's been ages since I last visited your fair city.

    Do Carol Doda's titties still light up?

  4. Jeez... Miss J was SO excited for minute, thinking Mr. Chu was actually protesting Mr. P's filthy blog.


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