Monday, April 27, 2009


When R Man and I got married, the insightful Miss Janey pointed out in a comment on this very blog: "lots and lots of being married really is one partner misplacing the phone while the other helps look for it. And there's why we marry- two people looking is better than one."

In the spirit of that totally true truism, we have spent the last four days looking for R Man's glasses.  He feels the loss very keenly since his backups give him a  headache after a while.  I have been reduced to looking in the freezer for them.  When I told him that, he admitted he'd already looked there.  Damn.

Anyway, if you run across them (in the dryer, perhaps) be sure to let me know.


  1. i'd casually check a rogue bookshelf.

    the only other place i look when i'm missing something is around the seats in my car. 4 times just with the celly.

  2. Ah....and that's my dream there, one day to have someone around help me look for my glasses, instead of having to do it alone.

  3. And don't forget about arguing over whose turn it is to take the trash out. And in-laws.

  4. Oh, how Miss J LOVES being quoted. It makes her feel famous but without the bother of the papparazzi trying to snap picture of her cellulite ass.

    As further illustration of this point about marriage, Miss J offers up this past Saturday. She spent 20 minutes frantically searching for her handbag. Natch, Mr. J was roped into the search early on. Finally Mr. J suggested, "Call Noah's Bagels" which is exactly where it was. Miss J had left it thre after breakfast. Thus she advises, "Call Noah's Bagels". And good luck.

  5. Consult the little people who live under the stairs. They'd know.

  6. They will be found in a coat pocket. Or a messenger bag/briefcase/tote.

    Check between the headboard and the mattress. Do that fully clothed.


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