Friday, April 10, 2009

Gotta Go

For the second year in the row, our agency is giving us two hours off early today. Typically, we have always had this tiny little perk for the day before big holidays like Thanksgiving and Labor Day, but getting off early for Good Friday seems very odd for a federal agency. They do know Easter isn't a federal holiday, right? Right? Not that I'm complaining at a short day. Yay, in fact. So how come we don't get this for Buddha's Birthday, and Ramadan, and what about Gay Pride?

Five of us were standing around the kitchen discussing this and it came out that four of us are not Christians (it's San Francisco after all.) A buddhist, two jews and me. The token Christian lady seemed incredulous. Obviously it had never occurred to her that she worked in an office of heathens. It seemed sort of comforting to me.


  1. thats a diverse group. maybe you should look at my easter post on facebook, courtesy of the onion.

  2. I believe you mistook her look of incredulity for one of intolerance. See as a God fearing woman myself, may he strike me dead lord Jesus Christ up in Heaven above, her glare really intended to convey disdain for heathens. It meant, “Don’t even think about knocking off work early on my holiday because y’all need to stay and get some work done while I get my baskets and goodies together!”

  3. All the schools got off for Good Friday here. ???? I mean, I know San Antonio has a high Catholic population, but all the schools get the day off?

  4. New Orleans Update:
    Dearest Darlingus, Belated Happy Birthday. And Happy Easter.
    How fortunate to receive the free holiday hours. Who is questioning free time off?
    Hope the napping was good.
    Chris Owens' French Quarter Easter Parade is mere HOURS away and everyone is edgy because rain is forecast. We're afraid her face will fall. Off.
    The air is heavy with the scent of forced Easter Lilies and Sweet Olive. The Elmer's Gold Brick Chocolate Eggs are tasty. Holy Saturday Mass is being received at Blessed Frances X. Seelos church. The Saturn Bar is rockin'. The Catfish is mid-fry at Jack Dempsey's.
    It's Easter in New Orleans.
    Sistah CowQueen reporting...

  5. I surfed on to your blog & I am glad I did. I liked poking around in your business. Fun stuff. Well done. I will be back.
    BTW...Ricky Nelson was my first crush!

  6. I find that crucified rabbit as disturbing as the smoking lamb cakes posted on


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