Thursday, April 16, 2009

Burglar Fail. Booty Win.

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I'm always amused by Hapless doofuses injuring themselves as a result of their own stupidity. What could be funnier? Here we have not only a classic doofus-gets-his-just-reward, but a humpy one to boot. Those abs! That ass! That incredible lack of ability to kick off your shoe when it’s caught! Fantastic. I'm sure he'll make lots of new friends in jail.


  1. Gee, why doesn't this kind of crime ever happen to me?
    I'd even leave cookies out and everything.

  2. The Renuzit lady across the hall probably scares them off.

  3. Jebus, Mr. P... the Renuzit Lady? NICE call-back! Miss J has such a rotten memory for these things.

    When Miss J lived in The Bathroom, a similar event occured across the street. A would-be thief fell through a ventilation opening and spent the night calling for help. Miss J and her boyfriend were less than amused and finally called the cops to get him the hell out of there so they could get some sleep.

  4. Jason's Renuzit Lady is very dear to my heart.

    I love your Bathroom tales.


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