Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Back Where I Belong

Well, thank god that's over. We got back from Annapolis this afternoon, and I have to say, all in all, not so bad. One big plus was R Man caving in to the shame of my blog about the squalid conditions he forced me to endure in his father's basement. Yay, power of blog! Yay, terribly sweet boyfriend who only wants me to be happy so he allowed me to book us into the semi-swank Westin there instead.

Oh, and the car rental people stuck us with a convertible cause it was 34 fucking degrees when we got there and they looked at us and thought "Suckers." But then yesterday turned into a balmy miracle, temps in the high 60s, blue skies with puffy clouds, perfect convertible weather. So we went bombing all over town with top down. Hoo hoo.

Plus, flying there, we snagged the exit row from Las Vegas to Baltimore and even though the plane was stuffed full, no one sat between us. Exit row means extra leg room and no one in the middle seat means enough elbow room not feel cramped, all of which is welcome since I'm a big guy. I considered being offended that everyone on the plane avoided us, but mostly I was so glad not to be squished for five hours, I decided to just overlook it.

And R Man's family, the point of this whole trip? They were just fine, thanks. I heartily recommend minimizing the time you spend with relatives and staying at a hotel seems to be one of the best ways to accomplish that. Try it the next time filial duty calls. You'll be glad you did.


  1. I'm going to visit my parents the first weekend in March and was just pondering this morning how I could justify staying in a hotel to avoid their extremely overheated house. . .

  2. Justification is so overrated. Just make the reservation, announce your plans and stick with them. If you feel yourself weakening, tell them it's because you don't want to inconvenience them.

  3. Thanks, and welcome home to you too, after piloting Fabulon so spectacularly.

  4. Shucks, was nothing! It was fun, and I kind of didn't want to hand it back... :)

  5. yeay!!!!

    But no necrification?
    No spiders?


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