Thursday, February 21, 2008

Internet Arts et Crafts

thanks to co-conspirator and blogger Are You There, Blog? It’s Me, Stephen for pointing me towards where you can make your own church signs

and Pope cartoons.

Big fun on a slow day around the office. Stephen and I both scored as Lolita in another fun internet timewaster (see below).


  1. i am so surprised more people didnt know about the sign thing!

    i was first turned on when madonna's last album came out, and i saw a sign that said "confess in church, not on a dance floor"

  2. I'm still jealous that you got _Lolita_ and I got _Watership Down_ (twice).

    What's with the goddamned rabbits?!

  3. "Neely. Neely O'Hara!" Genius. Friggin' genius.

    "Sparkle, Neely. Sparkle!!!"

  4. OMG, that Neely O'Hara sign made me laugh out loud! NEEEELYYY O'HAAARAAAA!!!!!!!

  5. If Miss Janey went to church, she would only go to one where Neely O'Hara was on the menu.


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