Monday, February 25, 2008

PS Weekend

We're looking forward very much to our short trip to Palm Springs this weekend. I had brief moment of panic when I thought we would be down there during the Dinah Shore when lesbians from around the world gather and I was afraid I would be confronted with non-stop girl-on-girl action, but no, that turns out to be in April. Whew. Anyway, I've appointed Pangbourne Marius in charge of the houseboys while we're gone, with very strict instructions about the likes of Danny and Wesley, Jason and Thombeau, Joe, Mike, RONDA, and all the rest of you trouble makers. I've made a list called Foxes in the Henhouse and you're all on it, believe you me, especially after that disgraceful affair while I was in Maryland. Yes, I found what Someone had written in Crisco in the boys bunkroom. I suppose you think you're very funny.

Anyway, Pangbourne will be on the look out for you.


  1. Once again I ask: how do I get dragged into this crowd? I'm SO well behaved. . .

  2. Does anyone have the alarm code to the Henhouse?

  3. "strict instuctions?"
    I like the sound of that.

  4. I especially like this picture of him where his titties are so big his necklace sort of balances on them. My, my.

  5. You should see the video from that shoot. Pangbourne was bouncing that necklace back and forth using only his moobs.

  6. Since I didn't make the list, I guess that I must have slipped under the radar!

    Party at the Bunkroom! Pass it on! ;)

  7. Watch yourself Tigeryogiji, because if I know Pangourne (like I have in the past), it'll be more a case of "The Clap, pass it on!"

  8. tigeryogiji, not you, too. I expected better. Imagine my disappointment.

    And TOA, I'll have you know all the boys have had all their shots.

  9. damnit!

    i never thought you would look under ~there~ and find that message i left written in crisco. it was supposed to just blend in with all the splatter from the houseboys' daily crisco wrestling matches.

    anyway, i only kinda meant what i wrote. teehee.


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