Friday, March 21, 2008

It's a Good Friday

The agency I work for announced that we can all go home today at 3:00. A sincere and wholehearted Yippee for that, although also slightly mystified. Someone had to explain to me that today is Good Friday, a fact which had slipped past my constant vigilance. I made the usual joke about any Friday that gets me off work three hours early is a good one, but actually I knew about Good Friday. Honest. I was raised as a Christian, a Baptist in fact, even if it didn't stick. Christians, you know, are the one who worship some zombie god with rites of ritual cannibalism and homophobic vitriol and chocolate bunnies. I am all for chocolate bunnies.

Speaking of bizarre cultural tidbits, have you ever seen Peeps jousting? You put two Peeps in a microwave, arm them with the little plastic spears you garnish tropical drinks with, hit the microwave on high and let the games begin. I'll try to post the youtube video of it, but youtube has not been cooperating with me lately. We'll see.


  1. peeps jousting??
    I wanna see!

    I wonder if I get those paper umbrellas if they'll do a second line?

  2. Happy Bunny Weekend. Are you going to Hunky Jesus in Dolores Park? I have a friend performing there.

  3. junky-
    thanks for the reminder, I had completely forgotten.

  4. happy easter to you, your peeps!


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