Friday, March 14, 2008


We're off to Las Vegas tonight for the Bette Midler show tomorrow. I'm sure it will all be, as the sign says, Fabulous. We plan on walking around and gawking at the lights like rube goobers and not much else. We don't drink and gambling bores both of us and I'm too cheap to indulge in rent-boys. Maybe we'll get really wild and stay up watching tv until midnight. Doggies!


  1. Go to the Liberace museum, if you can!

    I've never been to Vegas, but I've heard it's a sad and fabulous little place. (the museum...not Vegas...or
    or maybe that's fabulous and sad...whatever, it's been recommended by a trusted (twisted) source.

    Have fun!

  2. You say gambling bores you, but I know better: I've even got photos of R-man at a slot machine from the last trip to LV. And you left the two of us alone in our hotel room while you went prowling the casino. . .

  3. Oh my, have the most fabulous time possible! And give our love to the Divine Miss M!

  4. We expect a full report on the show! :)


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