Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Veggie Man

You have to look on the bright side, you know what I mean? Say your boyfriend winds up in the hospital with his chest cracked open and very expensive doctors rummaging around in there rearranging the plumbing and nurses have chats with you that involve the phrase "...harvesting his veins," you know the upside? Vegetables. Plenty, plenty delicious vegetables.

In order to escape the hospital, R Man had to agree to a consultation with a dietician who recommended that we sign up with a farm up near Sacramento that delivers a big ass box of veggies and fruit every week. While they pimp their qualifications as wholly organic as the big selling point, what really has made a difference to us is the sheer massive quantity Capay Farm drops off. It's easily twice what I would have normally bought for us in a week and having it bursting out of the refrigerator makes me crazy to use it up.

Consequently, our dinners now comprise heaping mounds of salads and stir fired this and roasted that. Add in the fact that we have sworn off fat and you just know the tres heart healthy life we're maintaining at Chez Penee. And beets. Did I mention beets? I adore them and I 'm roasting this morning's bunch right now. And some of the most fabulous apples I have ever scarfed down. Of course every silver lining has a cloud; in this case, it's leafy greens. Chard, kale, spinach, all the stuff that a Southern boy's granny shoves down his throat. I'm usually ok with them, but the farm has been providing three or four huge bunches of them each week. Enough already. If it wasn't for the cheese enchiladas I sneak in during lunch at work, I'd be so healthy I couldn't stand myself.

I really do like it. Mmm. Tasty.

The terribly cool picture is by a German artist named Till Nowak http://framebox.de/


  1. I look forward to beets AND leafy greens! Because--as you know--that's the kind of girl I am.

  2. Really?

    The cardiologists are in league with Harry and David now?
    Sounds like it.

    Fruit of the month club indeed.

    I wonder if I could sign up for a delivery of chocolate covered cherries they have. That's got to be good for you, right?

    But there's something to be said for having it there. If it's there in the house you'll likely eat it
    (ummm...vegetables I mean)

  3. I'll eat plenty of things, but I draw the line at Harry et David, the old fruits.

  4. R-man is so disappointed. . . .


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