Monday, March 10, 2008

CSI: Parking Garage

We parked in the garage of the new condos next door to R Man's building and returned this evening to find the rear window busted out. Blammo! I have to point out that in all my many years of living in high-crime, big city environs, this is the first time I've been the victim. It was just my turn I guess. So many times my old friends Magda and Cow Queen and I would be walking through the French Quarter and notice the glittering remains of somebody's passenger window. "Look," we would exclaim in our most Susan Hayward-ish voices, "Die-ya-munds in the guttah." Well, I'm not laughing now.

Much worse than the busted out window, which we're going to replace tomorrow, was the theft of my black leather jacket from the back seat. The bastard! The dear, dear Diane von Austinberg spotted that coat for me in a really pokey little junk store, never worn and only $80. I wore it until every crease reflected a matching wrinkle somewhere in my own hide. The bond between a gay boy and his leather coat is not an inconsiderable one and I'm going to miss it. The idea that some cracked out ho is wearing MY COAT down on Sixth Street right now... ooh, it makes me want to spit. Fortunately, I am too much of a lady, but still, first George Bush and then daylight savings time and now this. It's almost too much.


  1. Ooh, so sorry, honey!

    At least it's behind you, and not looming on the horizon.

  2. you survived bush, we're enduring daylight can make it thru this...

    hang in.
    i'm coming soooooon

  3. It's all that's getting me through this. That and having thombeau in the same time zone.

  4. poor dear!

    i had that happen to my car one night just around the corner from 1015 folsom, back in the days when it used to be colossus.

    i feel yur pain because i too lost a favorite black leather jacket and some cassettes. hehehe...i said cassettes! that's how long ago that was.

  5. Honey! I am SO MAD. Now I have to come find you another coat.

  6. Sometimes a lady just has to spit....or maybe take off a heel and ram it up someone's head.

    Especially when a nice coat's involved.

  7. Sorry to hear about it Hon! Having had this happen to me not once but TWICE IN SIX MONTHS TIME, I have learned never to leave anything in plain view in my car!


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