Monday, March 3, 2008

Palm Springs Weekend

Hello sweeties, we're back from Palm Springs, a lovely quiet weekend, lounging around and eating too much.Everywhere we went, we were surrounded by elderly gay men, creaking old Marys who made me feel like a hot young thing. I'm all for any vacation destination that supports my delusions. We had brunch at Merv Griffin's old hotel. Could it be any gayer? Well, yes, since Jonathan Adler had recently overseen a recent redo of the joint that played up its inherent kitschy 70s aesthetic. My bitter complaints that all the thrift stores in Palm Springs present slim pickings these days are explained by the Miss Adler's work. Bitch must have cleaned out every junk shop in 500 miles to accumulate the salute to vinyl upholstery and shag everything she created. Very late mod, on overdrive. I was there and I don't remember all of this bizarre style in the Jimmy Carter era.


  1. Sounds fabulous and strange, thus entirely appropriate. Your vacation, I mean.

  2. depending on what time of the year you visit, palm springs is either a gay man's paradise or it's the gay nightmare version of the land that time forgot.

    glad you enjoyed the vacation despite the barren thrift store wasteland.

  3. did you stay at one of those cleverly named "Inns"??

    Inn Too Deep
    Inn Over My Head
    Inn Deanna Jones

    etc etc

  4. You're back already??? Uh, you might want to give the boys another day to clean up the rat room.

    And what were you doing at a thrift store without me?

  5. I remember more Kennedy era style lingering in the Carter era around here...and maybe more than a bit of Roosevelt too.

    The Carter era lasted well into the Bush. We're just getting into Reagan style down here.
    It's not pretty.

    Welcome home!


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