Friday, April 23, 2010

Chemo Land

Somewhere along about the second hour of R Man's chemo treatment today, I started thinking about those crackpots who fake having cancer. I understand people do a whole range of blazingly stupid or bizarre things and this just seems particularly unsettling because I am currently involved in it, but still, the phrase "what the fuck were you thinking, asshat?" comes strongly to mind.

R Man's chemo went smoothly, he's in good spirits, the nurses are very sweet and chipper without being obnoxious, and I can tell by the time we finish round four of the treatments, I am going to have to Take Steps against the so-called "decorating" in the waiting room. Grey and mauve and fluorescent lights; a day spent there and I feel rather unwell myself and I don't even have cancer. I think the frauds who hoax their friends into believing they have cancer should be sentenced to spending some hard time there.


  1. Whilst your post ended on a funny note, Can I just run up and give you a big hug.

    I can not imagine nor will I try to say I can imagine the impact on your lives this is bringing.

    May HaShem bless you and your partner.



  2. Staying positive is of optimum importance, and sometimes that's hard to do in a poorly accessorized room. Stay centered, my friend.

  3. "mauve" sounds even worse than cancer for some reason.

    We must defeat them both!

  4. Word.

    And you're right about the decorating. It does make one nauseous.

  5. I once worked in an office with fluorescent lights and took it upon myself to loosen each bulb and replace them with table lamps.

    Staff applauded. Management was displeased but eventually gave in.

    I suggest you go ahead and work your decorating magic. They're too busy to stop you anyway.

  6. Maybe pitch a new show concept to HGTV: You run around, shirtless, redesigning hospital waiting rooms. I'm thinking "Cancer Splash."

    You and R Man are never too far from my thoughts. Hugs!

  7. I sometimes masquerade as a sane person. I know it’s deceitful but I crave attention.

    I couldn’t wait back in elementary school for spring to roll around and for classes to be held outside in the fresh air; hospitals should take note and have waiting room solariums or sitting terraces with Koi ponds and rustic paddlewheel fountains.

    You’re such a good husband to go along and endure what I’m sure is a nightmare both the treatments and the waiting rooms.


  8. Hooray. I understand you were a ministering angel. And that doesn't surprise me one bit!

  9. People who fake CANCER for attention should get crabs & be forced to listen to Mariah Carey recordings.

    I feel fortunate that the clinic that i have been spending way too much time at, is pleasing aesthetically, if not emotionally.

    I think of you & R Man often & with concern & affection.

  10. "People who fake CANCER for attention should get crabs & be forced to listen to Mariah Carey recordings."

    In other words, we should sentence them to being a 20 year old gay boi twink.

    Peenee, you're a wonderful husband.

  11. Hang in there and hope your weekend went well.

    I always thing of these waiting rooms in doctors offices while waiting (Hello?) in the them and after a while you start to think "could this get anything worse, and it it does just by virtue of the decoration of the area. Why are they punishing us with mauve, peach and pastel blue?

    What I want to see is a Craftsman Lodge style waiting room, with leather chairs that you can sink into. Would make the time fly on by...

  12. It seems people never tire of unsavory behavior. Faking cancer is bad enough, but decorating with mauve. There oughta be a law or two!

    Keeping Mr. P and Rman in her prayers...

  13. i suggest a large floppy hat and big sunglasses. for both of you. i think dual jackie o dresses would complete the look, but your sex toy hubby might not feel up to that.

  14. Glad that you're keeping your spirits up! I'm still keeping you two in my thoughts and prayers. ((HUGS))

  15. Sending you both big hugs, and a gooey Frito tamale pie.


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