Sunday, April 18, 2010


So mother teresa and I were at the bar the other night (no, not Este Noche. We can't go there anymore, she got throwed out one time too many for biting the strippers. They had all started calling her "Jaws," even Bitsy, seen here looking particularly fetching, who never quite got the joke.)
She was going on and on wanting to know how could I continue with such equanimity. "Look, Titty," I said to her I said. What? Oh yes, darling, everyone calls her Titty, I have no idea why. Poor thing has abs bigger than her hooters, but still....

"Look, Titty, I don't have equanimity, I have a short attention span. Bad news just sort of fades into the background and I go back to my fabulous, fabulous life of washing clothes and cooking and refraining from slapping people at work. It's all I can do."

With that in mind, allow me to report:

I made a spectacular version of Elvis Presley's Banana Pudding. I would've taken a picture of it, but I ate it all. I literally licked the spoon.

We went out for a lovely lunch at Bar Tartine for our new friend Dwayne's birthday. After lunch we returned here and while in the yard, Dwayne found the glasses I lost up there more than a year ago, so now he's not only our friend, he's my hero. Yay Dwayne.

Our friend Gaye brought over a delish little picnic of cheeses and olives and almonds and some wonderful crackers called Raincoast Crisps. We recommend them wholeheartedly.

Friends have been universally supportive, offering help and sending us a rum cake, artisinal chocolates and a massage gift certificate. Total Yay.

I am pretty sure I have not slapped anyone at work.

Mostly, I am touched beyond words (and snarkiness) by the comments and support in the post below by you guys and by the posts on your own blogs. How very sweet you all are; I don't think you can know how helpful this is. I am, by nature, not a very huggy person, so I tend to keep people who want to comfort me at a distance because that's what I'm comfortable with. As a result, these online gestures are just what I need.



  1. Raincoast Crisps are made up here in my part of the world.

    Since you don't like hugging, I'll just poke at you repeatedly with a pointed stick.

  2. Sorry...can't hang around. I need to find a recipe for
    Elvis Presley's Banana Pudding right now.
    I'll be biting at that like Mother Titty does a stripper.

  3. Miss J now desperately wants a friend named "Gaye". Bonus points if they actually ARE gay, of course.

    Three cheers for a short attention span! Miss J is glad Mr. P has loving friends. Especially ones named Gaye.

  4. Well, there goes that.

    But Peenee, you never told us where he found the glasses. I am dying to find out if they were in plain sight, but you failed to recognize them, or what part of Ville Peenee hasn't been cleaned in a year. Do tell, we are on the very edge of our seats!

  5. Dearie - Just caught up on all of this. Still digesting/reeling and all that. One suggestion that may warm your cockles. porncake, and if you like it, porncake2. I think they cloned you senzibility. Also, deliciiousdeity. Gotta get back to flightradar24.

  6. Lost glasses found and Raincoast Crisps discovered. What more do you need in a weekend?

  7. I, for one, need to be called Titty. Just once. Softly.

  8. Sadly I confess to owning that "Mr. Natural" day-glo orange poster you're featuring. It was black velvet flocked, too. Under a black light.

    I used to be cool. (circa 1973)

  9. Whatever you need, I'll keep giving.


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