Saturday, October 20, 2007

Brainstorm - Lovin' Is Really My Game 1977 DISCO

Thirty years ago, this was setting the dance floors on fire and it still can. I recommend doing up a whole bunch of coke first and then snorting as many poppers as your nose will hold before cranking this bad boy up cause that's what it requires.

There's a long instrumental break in the middle, thoughtfully included to allow dancers to retire to the men's room to snort up more enthusiasm before they return to the floor. Plus the rythym section includes castanets and how many songs can say that?


  1. OMG I totally forgot about this one! Even after you mentioned it, it wasn't until I heard those fatal words: "I believe in the boogie, but the boogie don't believe in me"! LOVE IT!

  2. Does this thing move right along or what? as Bette would say, "Lets take it uptempo for the little mothafuckas."

  3. I've been following a number of the YouTube videos of "FranklinDisco" which is a great resource of obscure, rare vinyl.

  4. Oh year, remember this asked dj to play it he said what are u from san francisco

    absolute dynamite a sound i never heard before

    luv u guys


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