Thursday, October 18, 2007

Even More of the L Word (the Other L Word, Silly)

Thanks to Kent who pointed me towards the son of a certain former Falcon Crest star who must not be named because when I do I start getting even more ridiculous emails than usual (see below.) The fruit of he Who Must Not Be Named's loins is even more luscious than his father, which is saying a lot. He is also, according to numerous reports on Google, swapping spit with one L. Lohan. Photographic proof of their association is provided here. It would seem I am the only person on the planet who doesn't care what this Lohan creature is up to, but I do love the way this shot makes the studly A.J. Lamas look like he's scared she might touch him. Sissy. Also, could he really be this smooth, or has he been waxed like a surfboard?


  1. Yes, I had heard about him on the Arlene Dahl List.

  2. He could be waxed or shaved or whatever. I remember his daddy had a nice hairy chest for a while. Then it was devoid of hair. Either way, it's all good. We should investigate abuelo Fernando!

  3. Wait a minute---Jason's been frequenting the Arlene Dahl List???

  4. darling where have you been? We're all mad for the Arlene Dahl list.

    Wasn't Fernando dancing with Cyd Charisse when last seen?


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