Sunday, October 14, 2007

Kylie Minogue's new single '2 Hearts'

I love Kylie Minogue. I believe we share a passion for slutty underwear. Is there some regulation requiring all pop stars to imitate Marilyn Monroe? This is the Tiny Terror's effort at it, but I like the song anyway.


  1. I think the song and the video were both inspired by Goldfrapp. Thus, I find the whole endeavor quite enjoyable!

  2. Nice, but I was hoping to hear a cover of Stacey Q's opus.
    That would be like Godzilla meeting panties.

    Where's an "of" when you need it?

  3. It is rather Goldfrappish isn't it?

    Stacy Q and Kylie - maybe they could get all lezzy and tongue kiss.


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